Poken gets a Pulse

Poken, those little thingers that you touch together to trade contact info we talked about last SXSW, are now smaller. The Poken Pulse is a 2GB memory key with Poken RFID scanning built in. When you tap your Poken onto another person’s Poken it trades contact information and, um, to quote the website “we’re glowin’ green, killin’ two ‘birds,’ and savin’ trees.”


Anyway, the Pulse costs $34.95 and is available at StartPoken.com.

I played with the older Poken a while back and if you have lots of friends with Poken, they’re a good idea. Sadly, if you and your friends have one you can only trade with them once. So once you’ve blown your Poken wad, you’re kind of stuck.