Qualcomm's FLO TV spied, reveals little [update]

qualcomm-ptvInfo about the Qualcomm FLO TV has been slowly leaking out the last few weeks. First we saw early concept art, then we released the first screenshots, but now it seems Boy Genius has a pic of the real deal. Sure enough, it sports a 4:3-ish screen just like the screenshots indicated. Besides that little tid-bit there isn’t anything else surprise that this pic reveals. We already knew that it was a pocketable FLO TV unit, what did you expect it to look like?

Now all we need to know is the unit price, monthly rate, screen size, battery life, and range of content. Yeah, we really don’t know jack about the upcoming player, eh? More info will probably leak out soon though.

[update] A tipster just dropped us a quick note stating HTC is the actual manufacturer of the portable device and not Qualcomm as many have thought.