Tetris Tiles Hit The States, Showers Forever Changed

The anxiety ridden addiction that is Tetris, is now available… in your shower. A tile supplier based in the UK is currently producing ceramic, indoor/outdoor tiles that allow you to create your own Tetris mosaic or order a pre-designed mosaic.

You can choose seven different colors, one for each of the Tetriminoes shapes. The colors are taken from Pantone colors and all orders come with an installation manual and grout spacers.

At first you might wonder why you would want to be reminded of painfully incongruous shapes and colors falling from the sky, but for all those who claim Tetris makes you smarter, you’re right. Various studies show Tetris increases the size of your cortex and, as a result, critical thinking, reason and language and processing all increase in activity. Three to four week shipping time for a larger cortex? I’m in.