The Viliv S10 breaks cover sporting Windows 7, 10 hour battery life


Well don’t I feel like a chump. Here I am, chilling with what I thought was the latest and greatest Viliv on the market when somewhere in the world, there is the S10! And it has Windows 7! Damn.

The pictures floating around the Interweb show a similarly designed bezel. The trackpad seems to be located in front of the keyboard now, and it looks thinner if that’s at all possiable. Plus, the resistive touchscreen has been enlarged to 10-inches from the S7’s 7-incher. The CPU will range from 1.33GHz to 2.0GHz depending on the configuration and a 64GB SSD will be an option along with a 3G modem. Best of all, Viliv is stating that this guy will get a 10 hour battery life.

According to the report, the S10 will start out at $500 which will put it in the S7 range. However, don’t hold back your purchase of the S7 if you like it. (I do) ┬áIt might be months before Viliv imports the S10 to the States. The Korean market generally gets first dibs at Viliv products for a while before we get ’em here.