Turn your $500+ DSLR into a $95 point and shoot

diana_cameraThere’s a certain enthusiastic group of photographers out there that love to use really cheap and unpredictable cameras to create amazing pictures. The problem is, most of them use film, which is becoming harder and harder to find these days.

Admittedly cameras like the Diana+ or the Holga can create amazing pictures, but there’s no way of being sure exactly what you’re going to get when you push that shutter button. Sure, you can take an image from a digital camera and tweak it in photoshop, but that takes away the spontaneity. Now you can take pictures that may or may not come out with your DSLR. The Diana+ company has made a series of adapters that will allow you to attach any number of their lenses to your expensive DSLR.

The basic adapter will set you back a measly $12, so if you already have some of the Diana+ lenses, you’ll be set. Otherwise, you’re going shopping. The 20mm fisheye will set you back $55, the 110mm telephoto is $50, the 55mm is $60. It just depends on what exactly you’re looking to do.