A real, hand-made bamboo bike

So this is a bike made entirely of bamboo. That’s right – there’s no metal under those tubes. The maker put his entire process on Instructables and seems to be able to ride the thing without it exploding on him. However, he uses epoxy and other stuff to keep it together, which is slightly disconcerting.

Then you have this comment:

think that disclaimer of “DISCLAIMER: If you try this, it’s your fault if it breaks and you get hurt. Frame failures are no fun, and if you build this and your frame fails, it is very possible you will get hurt. Don’t blame me.”

is very irresponsible still. YOU posed this instructable KNOWING your goal was to entice others to build it, KNOWING others are not professionally capable of assessing frame strength and knowing it is very dangerous.

Shame on you, let people dream up their own ways to break their neck, or make things out of bamboo that are not so crucial to protecting the rider as a strong frame.

So, uh, go ahead and try it? But don’t blame anyone if you die? Anyway, it seems to work and looks fun, so why not. Maybe you can make a smaller version for a bear or a monkey to ride.