iMacs to be refreshed as soon as next week?

overview_hero3_20090828There’s nothing solid on this, but the usual mysterious sources are whispering about an iMac refresh coming next week. We knew this was forthcoming, but the changes themselves are anybody’s guess. We expect upgraded CPU and GPU, possibly a slimmer design, and some people even suggest Blu-ray is in the cards. Those people aren’t right, though. If Apple was changing its mind about Blu-ray, it’d do so with more than an iMac refresh.

The predictions above aren’t exactly going out on a limb, but then again, the iMac isn’t exactly an experimental new product. This is what happens: it gets better, it gets old, and then it gets better again. Sometimes they change the way it looks. What do you want from me?!

Apple Insider notes that Apple has been offering discounts on current stock, so once they get most of that old junk out the door they’ll pull the trigger.