iTunes Connect Plagued With Serious Connection Problems [Updated]

We’ve been getting a number of tips about iTunes Connect being down for the past couple of days. Looking into it a little deeper, it appears these are not isolated issues, and that app developers all over the world have been experiencing failing or extremely slow iTunes Connect linkups for at least the past 48 hours. [Update below]

iTunes Connect is software that provides access to tools and resources third-party developers need for distribution of iPhone and iPod touch applications through the iTunes App Store, including app delivery, management tools, sales information, banking setup, and financial reporting.

When it’s down or slow, that means developers run into all sorts of problems when submitting new apps or updates, which is of course a huge problem for professional developers who rely on successful app distribution for running (part of) their business.

Evidently, developers are taking to the Apple dev forum to complain about the problems and about the fact that the company – as usual – isn’t providing much feedback about the issues let alone an ETA for a resolution.

We’ve contacted Apple for more information and will update when and if they get back to us.

Update: An Apple spokesperson has just reached out to us to tell us that the issue has been fixed. They declined to give any details about when it was fixed or what the problem actually was. If any developers are still seeing issues, feel free to let us know in the comments.