Verizon LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 gets a hands-on preview

Screen shot 2009-09-24 at [ September 24 ] 9.40.16 AM

After locking down pretty much the entire story on the VX8575, from the first shots to a launch date, PhoneArena has gone ahead and sealed the deal with a pre-announcement hands on.

Here’s what we walk away knowing:

  • Dimensions are (roughly) 4.25”H x 2.15”W x 0.40”D
  • The handset they were testing came with two soft-touched battery covers: one purple, one black.
  • The touchscreen is resistive, but “works rather well and responds to even the slightest touch”
  • They’ve confirmed the 3.5mm jack and FM radio.

Not bad, LG – but we’re still wagging a finger at Verizon for not nabbing the BL40.