And there will be new plastic MacBooks too

When Apple news is thin, you do what you can. Some sites divide what little rumor and hearsay there is into tiny portions and dole them out like communion wafers to the Apple faithful. Maybe that’s overstating a bit. On reflection, no — no, it’s not. In this case, we had a little speculation last night that maybe the long-dormant iMacs would be getting a refresh within the next month. And in the morning, what is this? New theories that perhaps Apple’s other neglected hardware would be receiving a bump? Inconceivable!

Take a look at the solid info we’ve got here on the MacBook update:

While it’s unclear how many models or configurations Apple will introduce as part the redesign, Ben Reitzes — an analyst with Barclays Capital who’s been following the Mac maker for years — sees the company offering several, at various price points.

Though details are few and far between, Apple is expected to achieve these markdowns through largely existing tactics

…we could see a lower priced line soon, positioned below the new MacBook Pro models…

That pretty much sews it up, don’t it. Essentially the news is “Something might happen sometime soon. Maybe not.” You heard it here first.