CANCELLED: Laptopburka closed down, cites bad press

burkaWell, it looks like we won’t have the infamous “Laptop Burka” to kick around anymore. The owner of the company contacted us to let us know that they are pulling the plug, due to being “murdered” in the press. Their website is down as of this posting.

Before Marc shut down the company however, he sent us one of his products to review. We are still going to do a review of the product, just to be fair to Marc. Perhaps it was a great concept that everyone made fun of? There was another great idea that people made fun of. It’s called the airplane. And those two boys at Kitty Hawk went ahead with their idea, despite the fact that everyone told them that man wasn’t supposed to fly. So maybe we made fun of Marc, and maybe, just maybe, man is meant to sit under a sheet and use his laptop after all.

So watch for our upcoming video review, where we’ll give you our honest opinion of the LaptopBurka or “Geeksheet” as it was going to be known. And give innovation a chance.