Someone named Lily Allen has quit the music business because she was exposed as being a hypocritical copyright violator


Do you know who Lily Allen is? I sure as hell don’t, nor do I care to know who she is. I mean, I know who she is now: she’s some musician who is against piracy. Good for her, great. Years from now, Future People will erect a statue of her and put it in the middle of New York harbor in order to honor her bravery. It’s the least we can do, right? Yeah, well, it seems Lily Alen isn’t just brave, but she’s also monumentally hypocritical. Again, good for her, I don’t care.

It seems Miss Allen has quit the music industry after it was revealed that she had created and shared a bunch of ILLEGAL MIXTAPES. This, coming from the person who’s so against music sharing, or whatever you want to call it.

So, after being exposed as a total fool, Miss Allen has decided to quit the music business. This news must devastate, um, someone.

Again: just ban the whole stupid industry. It will not be missed.