That's a sexy fake Hero you've got there, China

Knockoffs are nothing new, but usually they run some weirdo OS that’s skinned to look like the original, as with the HiPhone. Not so in this case: since Android is freely available to install on any hardware whatever, the primary difference will be the hardware, which doesn’t look that bad. The Tiger G3 is obviously a Hero knockoff, but it’s got a front-facing camera and DTV antenna — for $140 it might be worth grabbing just so you can pretend you have the original.

Here’s what the creators have to say about it:

Google Android system, touch-screen 3G handsets HTC Hero? At first sight TigerG3, its like a lot of people would be extremely HTC Hero by Huyou appearance. Coupled with the iphone like user interface, can be imagined both for the iphone, or HTC Hero fans are supporters of all be tempting. However, TigerG3 is not the believers have their tables. Support wifi wireless high-speed Internet access, built-in Java2.0 as well as the gravity acceleration sensor, the configuration of the 1.3 million-pixel digital zoom, dual camera, support for analog TV retractable, TigerG3 focus on the core functions nowadays.

Charming! Its specs are too many to list, but they’re listed plain as day here.

[via Shanzhai]