Tokyo Game Show: Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker (2 videos)


One of the biggest titles of this year’s Tokyo Game Show is certainly Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker for the PSP. And it’s all about multiplayer. I was able to play the game with a friend (in co-op mode) for about 15 minutes and it completely rocked (the game was playable for the first time). In fact, up to four players could play at the same time (and some TGS guests did).


There was a long waiting line for Peace Walker (even on this “business day” of the show), but Konami had a cool idea: They let this cosplay girl you see above brief all gamers waiting in line for about 10 minutes in rude Japanese (she’s a military instructor after all) about how the game is played and what you should know about the background story.


Check out these videos I took at the show: