Super Mario Bros 3 USB HDD: awesome, or waste of a perfectly good NES cartridge?

This is a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, you’ve basically got the coolest external drive ever created. A 160GB hard drive is stuck inside this cartridge with no other modifications but the port; it fits right in its original sleeve. It’s even bus-powered!


But! On the other hand, this is a Super Mario Bros 3 cartridge. It’d be like desecrating the temple of my youth. I could have dragged out my old NES and played SMB3 all day. Of course, I’ve already got two copies of the game, but still — what if they break? Or are stolen and turned into hard drives?

It’s available from French Etsy seller LilyPixelArtshop for $120, and… wait, is that a gold Zelda cartridge? Sacrilege!

[via Geeksugar]