Apple brings back Newton designer, defines irony

249258227_4e4710db66That fact that Apple has rehired Michael Tchao, one of the original Newton developers, is likely to stir up stories and posts about the Apple tablet. But the man has had a storied past in the CE field and Apple might have brought him back on board after a 15 year hiatus just because of his impressive resume. Or they need help on the Apple tablet marketing. Actually, that’s probably exactly why Apple needs him back.

Most recently he was the general manager of Nike Techlabs where the Nike+ products originated. Michael Tchao’s new role will be VP of Product Marketing at Apple.

The NY Times,

“He’s got the scars and the great ideas” about tablet computing, said another former Apple employee who worked with Mr. Tchao. He did not want to be named because the hiring was not yet public.

Here’s how you market an Apple tablet: produce a relativity inexpensive touchscreen device that has an app store, webcam, and incredible battery life and have Steve Jobs tell a room full of gadget nerds to buy it. Most will and then will spread the gospel to the masses. Then have Justin Long tell everyone to buy it and of course more will. It’s that easy.