Apple Store goes down for mystery updates

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at [ September 28 ] 5.47.04 PM

We’re used to seeing this message flash across the Apple Store every time Steve Jobs graces the stage – but on a random evening at the beginning of the work week? That’s a bit strange.

Any guesses as to what’s in the oven? The latest whispers around the Interwebs all suggest that iMac and MacBook revisions are on the way – but they weren’t expected to trickle out for a few more days. Might they be sneaking out a bit early? Perhaps. Might Apple just be adjusting their gradient-y drop shadows and bumping some margins? Perhaps. We’ll see soon enough.

Update: It was something along the lines of the second one. It just came back up and, as far as we can tell, nothing changed. Let us know if we missed something.