More Moo(n) for your money! Moo and Moonfruit partner-up on offers

Something has entered the water in the UK tech startup scene swins this week – distribution deals appear to be on a sudden uptick. The first today is Moo and Moonfruit.

Moonfruit and MOO are partnering up to co-promote eachother’s communities of small businesses and individuals. Moo’s SME market of business people who like their on-demand, flexible printing, and Moonfruit SME-oriented build-you-own site audience.

Some 10,000 Moonfruit customers will be able to order MOO’s 50 Business Card Free Pack, which is currently only available to selected partners. And MOO customers will get a 20% discount on all Moonfruit premium packages during the next 3 months.

And tomorrow Moonfruit releases a new beta site, available as an opt in to its current users. They say it’s the biggest overhaul of the product they’ve done for a while and moves the ability to edit sites outside of the confines of a user’s site and it generally more intuitive.

As a flash site it can be a tricky HTML integration issue so now they can now integrate any widgets, both HTML and Flash, into Moonfruit’s libraries and manipulate them. It now has a new 3rd party services toolbar, which should open it up to partnership opportunities.

Moonfruit ran a controversial Twitter campaign recently but it appears to have paid off. Subscriptions are 20% up post the campaign and US traffic is up 100%. Although they didn’t actually out actually figure out on that.