The Peek Pronto now offered for $299 with lifetime service


The Peek has been around for a year already and surprise, surprise, it’s still around. In fact, you can now snag one without a monthly subscription charge for $299 exclusively from Amazon. Now, I’m not saying you should spend $299 on a device that just does email now that smartphone’s monthly subscription costs are dropping, but someone out there might want a dedicated device for email, Twitter, and Facebook.

The deal has two options: either you can get the Peek Pronto with one year of service for $229 or spend $299 for the handheld with the lifetime service plan. Generally you have to buy the Peek for $60 and then spend another $14.99 a month on the service. So if you’re eying the device, it would only make sense to spend the extra hundred bones and get the lifetime service plan if you plan on keeping it more than a year and a half.

Update: Target has the classic, non-Twitter’n , non-Facebook’n version for only $15 bucks. Just saying.