The TomTom XL 340S LIVE uses AT&T to deliver Google data

340s-live The one major draw of having GPS navigation software on your smartphone is that the phone is probably connected to a network that can give more info than just directions, but the screen is just so damn small. TomTom knows this and just launched its second Internet-connected GPS device, the 4.3-inch XL 340S LIVE. This guy uses AT&T as its data provider and can update the users on a whole range of info: fuel prices, weather, traffic levels, traffic incidents, and more. But there’s a small catch.

You didn’t think that this AT&T data service was going to be free, didja? The XL 340S LIVE comes with three months of the service, but after that, it will cost $9.95 per month. To some folks it might be worth it, but if your GPS stays in your glove box most of the time like mine, you should probably get the non-connected XL 340S for $249. But if you will use the data services, the LIVE version is set to come out soon at $299.