Video: Why think when you can watch this fun Philips Lumiblade demonstration?

There’s not too many gadgets out there that I’d spend money on. There’s the Zune HD, which, while totally unreadable in direct sunlight, is still otherwise a fine portable media player. So that’s one. Another one would be that Philips Wake-up Light (though that will have to wait till next month; stupid Zune HD was expensive!) I bring this up only, and I do mean only, to segue into a brief discussion of this here video of the Philips Lumiblade OLED, um, thing. Get it, Philips, lights, OLED, etc. Very high-concept.

As the crazy video shows, the OLEDs turn on and off based on your position in front of them. Neat, exactly,

It was recently demoed at some London design fair, along with a bunch of other Lumiblade items, like those pebble-looking things.

Yeah, not too much going on here, just a fun video to start your Monday. At ease.