‘Yay! Scale’ may encourage unhealthy eating habits, poor money management


This is called the “Yay! Scale” – it’s a $55 scale that has no numbers. Instead, you’re greeted with esteem-building words like hot, lovely, cute, ravishing, and stuff like that.

That’s all well and good but if you’re trying to actually lose weight, maybe they could have put something like “Cute! And you’re well on your way to hitting your goal of losing ten pounds. Keep up the good work! Don’t slack off, now! You’re an inspiration to your family and friends! Maybe even to total strangers, too!”

Granted, that would take up too much space. So, “Cute!” it is. And even though this thing costs $55, which is roughly $40 more expensive than most regular scales, it’s sold out.

Plush Size Yay! Scale [VoluptuArt via Foolish Gadgets]