Canon will not be attending PMA 2010

canon-logAccording to this weeks issue of Amateur Photographer, Canon will not be attending PMA 2010. The company is apparently shifting focus away from niche trade shows in order to focus shows like CES that reach more consumers. After all, that’s the way Canon’s products are going anyway.

We’ve seen a huge shift in the last five years as the DSLR has moved from the prosumer market to clearly an everyday Joe-type camera. Sure, there will always be high-end products which could be showcased at shows like PMA, but money is tight for everyone including the photography giant and so they need to focus on shows with the furthest reach.

This news comes from an unnamed spokeswoman and Canon hasn’t official announced the news. We’re jsut curious now if other mainstream photography companies like Nikon and Sony will follow suit. Canon not attending PMA is like General Motors and Ford not showing up at the North American International Auto show. It’s killer and might force the trade show to reevaluate its plan.