FOTOBOX Plus promises dead simple photo slideshow creation

fotoboxInteresting. This little doodad is called FOTOBOX Plus. It’s an $80 USB apparatus that reads SD cards from your digital camera.

The idea is that you take a bunch of photos on your digital camera and then pop the SD card into the FOTOBOX Plus, which goes into your computer’s USB port. At that point, built-in slideshow software builds an automatic slideshow from your photos.

Of course, making a photo slideshow isn’t rocket science for most of you who read this site but think of your parents! They love slideshows! Assuming the built-in software is indeed easy to use, they could build their own slideshows with a few clicks (provided they can figure out how to eject the SD card from their camera).

There’s an “Easy Mode” which consists of importing photos, selecting a theme, and then publishing the finished slideshow to one of the various available formats (YouTube, iPod, CD, DVD, popular video codecs). There’s also “Advanced Mode” which features photo editing, music, narration, and special effects options – real space age stuff.

FOTOBOX Plus will be available at most popular retailers sometime in October for $80. Might make a nice gift idea for the holidays.

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