Holiday Xbox 360 bundles ahoy: Lego Batman + Pure


While I’m sure many of you hang onto Major Nelson’s every word, you might have missed these new holiday bundles that Microsoft is cooking up. There’s the Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle, and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Game Pack. What do these bundles contain????

• The Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundles comes with an Xbox 360 Elite, and retail copies of Lego Batman and Pure. Such a bundle will cost $299. It goes on sale today.

• The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Game Pack comes with a wireless black controller, and copies of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Lumines LIVE!, Bomberman LIVE! and a downloadable token for Ms Pac-Man.

I heartily endorse Lumines, but the rest of those games I cannot speak to. If they’re bundle-worthy then they’re probably OK.