LG goes insane, wants to buy back their phones for 10 grand each

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at [ September 29 ] 8.26.18 AM

Okay – either LG accidentally plopped military secrets onto a handful of devices, or they’re looking to start a Golden-Ticket-esque hunt for their handsets. The Korean manufacturer has just offered up $10,000 to anybody who can bring them a handset with any of the following serial numbers:

  • 802KPAE821224
  • 803KPBF578597
  • 803KPXV578330
  • 803KPVH578503
  • 803KPJP923836

It’s a fairly genius plan; whether or not anyone actually sets out to find these phones, it has people talking. LG has sold 21 million Chocolate phones – most of which have lived their lives and have been retired to a sock drawer or a trash bin – and they’re looking for 5 of them. Throw in the fact that these are global serial numbers, and it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except that there are 21 million other needles in there that you don’t want. If even one of the right handsets turns up, we’d be outright mindboggled – and LG will have gotten themselves one hell of an ad campaign for just $10,000.

Oh, and hey, Shady McCheaterson – put down the dremel. LG will be checking each unit thoroughly to ensure that no foul play has gone down, beginning with a photo check and ending with some time under the microscope at LG’s R&D center.

[LG via Giz]