Mac Mini and iMacs to be in short supply, update coming soon?

appleApple has apparently told its direct-sales partners like the Apple Stores not to order new iMacs or Mac Minis and don’t expect any more shipments either. This can mean only one of two things: Apple is going bankrupt or there are new models coming real soon.

This game really shouldn’t be that surprising anymore. It’s that time of year when Apple announces new models anyway. Plus there have been rumors circulating ’round the ‘tubes about updated iMacs and plastic MacBook, but this is the first we’ve heard anything about new Mac Minis. It makes sense though as the last update was in March. That model is past outdated. It needs a new GPU, larger hard drive, and more memory to be considered current. 120GB and 1GB doesn’t cut it for $599 these days – even for Apple.

The new iMacs and MacBooks however might get a complete makeover instead of just a hardware bump. They have been sporting the same overall look since 2007 and 2006. Hopefully price drops aren’t out of the question either. But at this point all we know is the current models are going to be very hard to purchase. It’s not like you would buy one of those anyway knowing that new models are imminent.