Make music: The PSP version of Beaterator is available today. iPhone users have to wait a little while yet.

Rockstar’s Beaterator comes out today (and so does Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days… you couldn’t find two more different publishers in Rockstar and Square Enix) for the PSP. We’ve highlighted it in the past because A) Timbaland is one of the better “big name” producers out there and B) I have spent more than a few hours in Ableton Live and the like. It’s familiar territory, in other words.

There’s but so much I can say now not having played it yet—give me a few days to fool around with it—but I will embed this video entirely because Pete Rock is in it for a split-second.

You know, as I type this, I am wondering what type of music y’all listen to. Like, I can drop the name “Pete Rock,” but if three of you even know who I’m talking about, without first going to Wikipedia, then we have a problem. Although the other day one of you guys caught my Eric B. & Rakim reference, which was beyond awesome.

But back to Beaterator. I should have clarified that to say that the PSP version comes out today, but that the iPhone (and iPod touch) version is still in production.