The Verizon Hub has been discontinued, try not to get upset

Oh, the Verizon Hub. You came to the market just a few years too late. There was a time when a VoIP device with instant messaging capabilities would have been welcomed into the kitchens everywhere but that time was 2006 and not 2009. Now, that market has primarily moved onto full featured smartphones and somewhat killing the need for a home base type device. And so the Hub is no more. Verizon has official canceled the product.

It’s been a slow death. The Hub was pulled from VZW stores a few months ago and went online only. It’s kind of hard to sell suck a device without actually seeing it. And the $200 price plus $35 a month service charge probably didn’t help. Maybe if the hardware was free and all it cost was $35, Verizon would probably have moved more units. But it doesn’t matter anymore. The Hub is done. RIP.