VholdR ups its ContourHD action-cam up to 1080p

It was only a couple months ago that you all thrilled to the reasonably fast and extremely loud video adventures of Mister Ha. VholdR decided that 720p wasn’t good enough for rattly rolls through Stuyvesant Town, so they’ve updated the ContourHD to go up to 1080p. Other than the resolution upgrade there doesn’t seem to be anything changed, but to hear Peter tell it, that’s not such a bad thing.

Here’s their little promo video, which you can watch if Peter’s skating was too much for you:

Like most compact HD cams, you’re going to get weird motion artifacts whenever you make quick turns, but that’s unavoidable at the moment. The super wide-angle lens also shows a lot of vignetting, but that looks kind of cool anyway. The point is it’s super light, fairly rugged, and super simple to operate. More details are at VholdR’s site. The ContourHD 1080p will set you back $350, as opposed to the 720p version, which was $300 at launch but probably somewhat less now.