Video: Curb Your Enthusiam illustrates how hard it is to open a box in the year 2009

My sincerest apologies for not putting this on here sooner, but I’ve been busying Fearing people in Warsong Gulch. If only I were joking, sigh. Anyhow, here we have one of the funniest men on Planet Earth (along with Louis CK and Ron Bennington), Larry David, in the opening scene of this week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, dealing with something that we’ve all had to deal with: opening that damn plastic shell that surrounds our electronics.

Who among us hasn’t initially tried to open the plastic shell with our bare hands, then, realizing the futility of our efforts, darted into the kitchen drawer, looking for a knife or a really sharp pen? And not even that works! I remember once I literally smashed a shell against the wall. It still didn’t open, but it felt Mad Good.

We are all in debt to Larry David for bringing this issue finally into the national debate.

Was it ever explained why plastic shells became so damn hard to open over the years? What purpose does it server?