A gullwing hybrid from Subaru? Let this be true

subaru-hybrid-tourer-large_0004We try not to cover too many concept cars and devices, but sometimes it’s just too compelling. I’ve always liked Subarus, personally, and although I’ve pledged not to buy a car until I can get a full electric, I might have to go back on that if this Tourer hybrid goes to production. I hope they find a better name, though, it’s a bit “Rural Juror” for me. But gullwings, baby, gullwings!

It’d be a pretty traditional hybrid, as unexciting as that sounds, and it would have a full-sized 2L, 4-cylinder boxer engine as well as two power plants, 10 and 20kW, for electric propulsion. It will of course be all wheel drive.

It just looks awesome to me. A practical, roomy AWD Subaru, rocking gullwings? Man, if I don’t get one, at least I’ll see them all over the place because they’re so awesome. Assuming they ever get made, that is.