LaCie offers up gigantic 'Sound2' laptop speakers

Speakers_Laptop-sideIf you’re sick of tiny, unobtrusive laptop speakers then boy-oh-boy does LaCie have something for you.

The marketing jargon reads something like this:

“Today LaCie announced high-end speakers, modeled after Cabasse’s renowned loudspeaker technology – the LaCie Sound2 Speakers, design by Neil Poulton. LaCie has partnered with famous acoustic engineering company Cabasse to bring high-quality sound to any computer system or A/V device.”

Which, translated, means “Them’s some big speakers right there.” They ought to be able to push out some decent sound, too, at 15 watts apiece.

You can plug the $99 speakers directly into your laptop via USB or there’s a line-in jack as well in case you want to hook up your Diamond Rio MP3 player or whatever the cool MP3 player is nowadays.

Should be available soon, although LaCie’s product page says they’re out of stock at the moment.

LaCie Sound2 Speakers [LaCie]