Major PSP firmware update adds tethering, Media Go

Since the PSP Go is coming tomorrow, it was reasonable to expect a firmware update the PSP. We just didn’t expect one this full of content. Will it be enough to get the homebrew people to upgrade? Probably not, but for the casual user it’s quite the step forward.

The new firmware update adds compatibility with the new MediaGo function, as well as with the upcoming change to the way PSP titles are published. The update will also make it possible for you to tether your PSP to any Bluetooth connection (mobile phone, PC, etc) and game online when you don’t have access to a wifi.

Included in the update (in a way) is the upgrade to the PSP store online. Sony is changing the look of the store in order to make sure that it works properly with MediaGo, which is a PC application that will enable you to organize and transfer your music, movies, and photos to the PSP/PSPGo. It will also enable you to purchase and download software from the Playstation Store using your computer, as an alternative to downloading using your actual device.

Over, it’s quite impressive for a combination firmware update and store refresh. But the PSP Go is still overpriced.