Need a new friend? How about the WowWee Robover or Joebot?


Man alive, there’s only a few topics I write about with any regularity here: e-books, World of Warcraft, sports, and robots. I’m not even a fan of robots, and yet I always get assigned the robot stories! Like today, I wake up and see this assigned to me: new WowWee robots. What? Oooh, WowWee, I know them.

Right, so there’s two new WowWee robots out there: the Roborover ($69) and the Joebot ($99). The names are fantastic, yes. (WowWee, incidentally, is my favorite name for a company. Much better than “Apple” or “Microsoft” or “Sony.”) The Roborover moves around on those treads you see, shaped as such so it can roll over dangerous household items with relative ease. Think action figures and the like.

Meanwhile, the Joebot actually walks around on his two legs, and you can issue commands either via voice or “tapping his arms,” whatever that means.

Look, they’re neat toys for kids. What do you want? I wish I had a robot as a young boy in the Bronx.