Safety: Obama Administration now looking to eliminate texting while driving


Looks like the Obama Administration, which really ought to be focused on getting Americans like me affordable health care (unless doctors now accept World of Warcraft Gold as payment, lol!), has set its sights on eliminating the scourge of distracted driving once and for all. Case in point: Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood is holding a summit this week that has the ultimate goal of “finding ways to eliminate texting while driving.”

We’ve learned over the past few months that plenty of people admit to texting while driving, while at the same time seeing several studies indicating just how dangerous that actually is. We’ve implored y’all never to text and drive, but suffice it to say that not everyone reads our fine words.

The summit will include a series of recommendations that state (and federal) governments can then take and turn into laws suited for their own jurisdictions. Should State One ban texting while driving, while State Two only bans talking while driving? A whole lot of that, yes.

For example, my very own Senator, Sen. Chuck Schumer, has a bill floating around Congress that would ban texting and e-mailing while driving. Of course, enforcing such a ban is another matter entirely—what, are bankrupt state governments supposed to hire more police officers to patrol the highways? Though I get the feeling that the threat of breaking the law will prevent most folks from texting and e-mailing while driving, provided such a law is passed. Pass the law, and watch the numbers drop just because, generally speaking, people like to obey the law.

And let’s be real for a second: who are you talking to/texting back-and-forth with/e-mailing while on the road that you need to do so while on the road? You really don’t need to text your friend “yo what’s going down tonight?” while doing 80MPH on the highway.