Sanyo rolls out portable $10,000 projector with 6,000 lumens brightness

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Good for Sanyo Japan that the word “portable” isn’t really strictly defined in the projector space. Because I have no idea why the company calls its new projector, the LP-XM150 announced today [press release in English], portable: The thing weighs 9.7kg. Last month, Sanyo presented a device that somehow deserved the name, as the LP-XU106 weighs just 4kg.

But anyway, the LP-XM150 has some good specs at least: 6,500 lumens brightness (which Sanyo says is the highest in this weight class), 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 1,204×768 resolution, Ethernet, a 7W speaker (mono), a 330W lamp and a vertical 360-degree tilt angle projection function to project images on the ceiling or floor.


Sanyo will start selling the projector in Japan from November 20 for $10,500. One month later, the company will ship the LP-XM100, a trimmed down version with “just” 5,000 lumens (for $9,400). Sanyo hasn’t said anything yet regarding sales in markets outside Japan.