SNES on the Nokia N900? Yes, please.

You know what? Your phone could play Crysis at a high resolution with the settings cranked way up, and I wouldn’t really care all that much. But coax it into playing SNES ROMs? I’ll take three.

With a bucketful of elbow grease and more tech know-how than anyone should be allowed to have, Konttori (One of the Maemo project managers) and the DRNokSNES team have managed to squeeze a full-blooded emulator onto the Nokia N900. No, no – this isn’t the first time we’ve ever seen an SNES emulator on a phone. Hell, just about every major platform has an SNES emulator of its own. But get this: it has TV out support. Oh – and because jamming away at the keyboard might get old after a while, they went ahead and threw in Wii controller support for good measure. I think I’m in love.

Now, how about some MAME?

[Via EngadgetMobile]