Sprint looking to drop their Touch Pro 2 down to $199?


(These guys are excited that they might soon be able to buy the Sprint Touch Pro 2 without declaring bankruptcy.)

Good news, everyone! According to some dude on the internet who heard it from another dude — and a bunch of people who have already managed to get the deal — the Sprint Touch Pro 2 is going to see a huge price drop as early as tomorrow. How huge? Like 44% huge. They’ll be dropping it from the wallet-crushing price tag of $350 down to the much-more-reasonable (and now standard amongst smartphones) $199.

One thing worth noting here is that this essentially price matches Sprint’s Touch Pro 2 to Verizon’s, which was previously the cheapest by far. That leaves just AT&T and T-Mobile up at the higher price – so as it stands, a GSM Touch Pro 2 will set you back nearly twice what a CDMA model will.

Update: Maybe not.