The Queen's Digital English: The Kindle is coming to the UK

Seems our compatriots across the sea will have the Amazon Kindle as soon as next week. “Reliable sources” have confirmed that the publishers involved signed non-disclosure agreements, adding weight to our previous suspicions that the e-book reader would be available in Britain this fall. It’s all quite a cloak-and-dagger event.

Amazon’s current wireless hardware provider, Qualcomm, seems to be the one that will handle the magical spells wireless solution that gives Kindle owners access to an entire library in their pocket.

The Kindle is coming in as a bit of a late contender, with Sony’s and Border’s ebook readers already available in England since June. But that’s all about to change. TimesOnline called the Kindle “the best eBook reader in the world.” Well, at least now it’ll be the best in the US and Britain.

Comic from the inimitable XKCD