iPhone calculator app takes steps to save the children


Oh, TLA Systems, you clever, clever bastards.

As we all learned from that one awkwardly-mature kid in our first grade class, there is a glaring fault in nearly every calculator ever made: they double as a means of smuggling smut into the classroom. In an otherwise sterile and pure environment, these tools allow for children (CHILDREN!) to be corrupted (and to subsequently corrupt each other) by displaying words such as “BOOBIES” and “HELL” simply by punching in a series of numbers and turning the calculator upside down. We are forced to ask: The calculator – a tool of mathematical wonder, or a tool of the devil?

TLA Systems has had enough. Looking to stifle these inappropriate text-based outbursts and ensure that the Apple App Review team had absolutely no issues with the content of their app, they’ve taken it upon themselves to censor the most popular bit-based blasphemes in the latest build of their PCalc RPN Calculator. Any attempts to invert the calculator to convey a nasty word are blocked out of the gate, with the offending word censored as pictured above.

Plus, their app icon is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Also, it gave us the chance to write “Boobies” in a post.

[Via TUAW]