Leaked LG 2010 Q1 roadmap reveals 7 new phones

LG-Q1-2010-roadmapHello. What do we have here? Apparently, it’s a leaked image of LG’s 2010 Q1 roadmap! Yippee!

Unfortunately, other than the diverse collection of LG handset names – Wine2, Wine Jr., Goya, Stage, Mini, Sweet, and Cookie2 – there really isn’t much more to talk about at the moment…other than LG’s obsession interest with food-related names (think LG Chocolate).

Also, is it really a good idea to name a phone “Wine Junior”? “Here you go, son. Don’t drink and drive, but be sure to call your mother with your new WINE Junior when you get to the party.” Lets just hope that’s a codename.

No matter. 7 new LG phones, many of which have stupid delicious names, may or may not pop up in Q1 2010. Cheers!

[via Unwired View]