NHL 10 predicts the Pittsburgh Penguins as Stanley Cup champs

Neither of these teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins

Hockey is often referred to as the sweet science, but that has nothing to do with this here post. Well, sorta. You know how every year you hear about how Video Game has predicted Team A will “the big game”? Add the Pittsburgh Penguins to that list.

Yup, EA Sports’ NHL 10—I think the last hockey game I played was NHL ’96 for the Sega Genesis—has predicted that the Pittsburgh Penguins will win this season’s Stanley Cup. So says an e-mail I just got from EA.

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, and was founded in 1758. It’s named after the British Secretary of State William Pitt, the Elder. The city also recently hosted the G20 conference, which accomplished nothing.