Nintendo will fix your Wii if the latest system update broke it


Have you updated your Wii to version 4.2 yet? Because if you have, and you’re now having problems with your system, Nintendo will fix it for free.

There’s something in the latest Wii system update that has borked many a Wii out there in Radio Land. You’d expect Nintendo to create its updates so as to disable or otherwise interfere with modded Wiis, but this time the trouble extends to 100 percent clean Wiis. Go ahead and check the Nintendo forums if you don’t believe me!

There is a silver lining here, however: Nintendo recognizes that something, somwhere is amiss, and has offered to fixed any broken Wiis provided the Wii was never modded. So, if you modded your system and now it’s broken, well, tough luck. But, if your Wii is clean as a whistle, but is now broken, just give Nintendo a call, and it’ll sort it out.

The lesson is, of course, never to update anything till a few days have passed. The last thing you want is some update to ruin your video game system or production computer.