Punch Camera prints with a hole-punch

punch camera
Somehow I doubt this will ever make it to production, but this hole-punch camera is really a great idea, even if it’s a bit anachronistic. Basically, it rasterizes whatever image you give it, then you can put a piece of paper in, give it a good smack, and it’s “printed” a copy by punching out holes of different sizes. Genius!


Rasterized images are, of course, slightly reduced in fidelity from the original, but they cost virtually nothing; it’d be fun to give them out at parties or events for free. The trouble is, how do you combine a compact digital camera and LCD screen with something you have to pound with your fist to get a result? Well, you don’t really. I don’t think the Punch Camera will ever see the light of day for this fact. That said, they could make a just-the-punch part, which could take whatever input (card or whatnot, maybe shown on a tiny out-of-the-way LCD and punch it.

Seriously, I’d buy one. Wouldn’t you?

[via Diskursdisko and LikeCool]