Watch Andres Iniesta over and over again destroy Chelsea with Nike's CRT360 boots


Andrés Iniesta is a good footballer. Cesc Fàbregas is a good footballer. Need I say more? Yes, actually, I do for it to make sense here. Nike has some fancy new soccer boot that’s it’s launching aside an interactive digital training tool that you can use on a Web site, or on your iPhone or iPod touch. Very exciting.

The boot is the Nike CRT360 Maestri. Nearest I can tell it’s your standard “fancy” soccer boot, but what concerns us here is the interactive training aspect. Each boot comes with a unique code that you can use to see EXCLUSIVE training tips from Iniesta and Fàbregas, either online or by using your iPhone.. Probably eight of you know who these guys are, but let me assure you: they’re very good. In fact, here’s Iniesta sending Chelsea crashing out of the Champions League last year:

You have to understand the drama of this situation. Barcelona was playing, by a country mile, the best football in all of Europe (of the world, probably), and yet Chelsea were two minutes away from winning the game, and thus the semi-final. So Iniesta receives the ball at the edge of the penalty box and smashes it into the top-right corner of the net. I have never been happier watching a sport as I was that day, and that includes when Barcelona actually won the championship a few weeks later. In this video, you can hear the dejection in the British announcers’ voices. Meanwhile, the Arabic commentator LOSES HIS MIND. “Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah!” The Italian guys do a fine job, as well. Greatest sport on Earth.