You can win $5,000 in some sort of Newegg college student contest


Fresh off its fancy IPO announcement, Newegg is running an equally fancy contest for American and Canadian college students. Provided you’re 18-year-old (or older) and are attending a U.S. or Canadian college or university, you could win up to $5,000 to spend on whatever the hell you want on the Web site. What do you have to do to win such riches????

You, Mr. or Miss college student, have to make a video wherein you describe how you would spend the $5,000 to, I don’t know, trip out your dorm room. (Fact: My last year of college, I had this painting on my wall, in post form. Granted it was an apartment and not a dorm room, but it’s the same thing, really.) Presumably Newegg will want something creative, and not just a video of you talking into your MacBook’s iSight saying “I would buy 4GB of RAM, a new mouse, LCD cleaner, and other stuff that has nothing to do with my dorm room.”

Why are we bringing this up? Well, for one, I have nothing else to write and two, I think most of us like Newegg . And whereas our contests are usually disasters waiting to happen, I sincerely doubt Newegg will mess theirs up.