A new Nikon is coming but we don't know what it is

nikon-logoThis Nikon rumor is about as vague as it gets. All it states is that within the next weeks, there will be a new Nikon camera announced and it’s not the D700x/D700s. It also states that the model will be something entirely new for Nikon and not a replacement. Nikon Rumors is thinking that this camera *might* be something like the new Leica X1, which seems plausible.

A few years ago the movement was to DSLRs. Everyone wanted one and a lot still do. But those of us that have been lugging around the cameras for a few years can tell you that they are a pain. What I want now is a high-quality pocket shooter just a step below a Micro Four Thirds camera – like the Leica X1. Hopefully Nikon has something planned because the Leica X1 is just a tad above my price range. I guess we’ll see in a week or two if this rumor pans out.