It's a bra – no, it's a gas mask – no, it's a bra

Convergence is the word these days, and as the GPS unit is folded into the phone, and the phone is folded into the PDA, fewer devices are needed every day to accomplish the same tasks. This bra, for instance, is also a functioning gas mask. What, is that so hard to believe? If you or a loved one is under constant threat of gas attack, but still needs adequate support for her front parts, this is really the first and only solution necessary.

It was invented by a Chicago woman who felt that women in Chernobyl could have avoided breathing toxic particles if they’d had a gas mask near at hand — and where is nearer at hand than on your body? Not exactly going to be a million-seller, but hey, maybe they’ll pick up a few for the ladies working in hazardous materials labs.