Nokia Booklet to sell for $600 at Best Buy? Say it ain't so.

So we know that Best Buy is going to be the only place you can score the Nokia Booklet in the US. Cool, but it seems that the 3G netbook might be sold its full retail of $600 instead of being subsidized by a carrier, which kind of kills any appeal it might have. And don’t forget you’ll have to get a wireless data plan too if you wanna use the 3G capabilities.

Don’t get me wrong, the Nokia Booklet seems like a fine netbook. It’s going to rock Windows 7, an accelerometer, 120GB hard drive, 16 hour battery life, and HDMI out. I just don’t see many consumers choosing this premium option over Verizon or AT&T’s subsidized netbooks. Why would they? There is a $400 difference in price and you’ll still have to get a monthly data plan.

But then again, the pricing in Best Buy’s system might just be there as a place holder. Retails have been known to do this and in fact, Best Buy did the same thing with the Palm Pre.